Our Work

Most of our work is on complex, enterprise line-of-business systems with dozens or hundreds of screens, database tables, reports, business rules, and so on. A portion of that work is featured below.

St. Louis Science Center - Life Science Lab

Oasis Digital software powers the Life Science Lab at the St. Louis Science Center.

Employee Performance Improvement System

This system for managing employee performance enables broad data collection, analytics, and intervention. Our customer offers it to markets where correctness matters, as a SaaS product.

MODL Buildr

A rules-based online configurator.

Mobile Voter Data Lookup

Carefully pack millions of rows of data in an inexpensive mobile device

Prototype Real Time Analysis GUI

Rapid development of a prototype GUI

Audio / Video Control Panel

This A/V control panel kiosk simplifies and improves performances in a large auditorium.

Standalone Video / DVD Kiosk System

This standalone system records a golf driving range session and delivers a DVD.

Networked Video / DVD Creation System

A multi-camera, multi-server digital video system records golfers playing a signature hole to create a keepsake DVD, all without human intervention.

MindSpark Mobile Application

We created a cross-playform mobile application using web technology and platform-native wrappers.

3D Configurator Demo

The demonstration project shows that a configurator can work well as a modern single-page-app, including a dynamic 3D model of the configured product.

Inventory / Work Order / ERP System

An extensive, end-to-end ERP-like system for Automation Service in St. Louis, MO. The software manages the whole production flow with comprehensive features.

Jumble for JIRA - Test Data Generator

To support our JIRA classes, we created a test data generator for JIRA; it is now available for anyone else who needs it also.

Mobile Tracking and Dispatch

A mobile / wireless field staff management system

Our Clients

Founded in 2001, Oasis Digital has provided software development or training to numerous clients since then. Here are some of them.

Reusable Code

In the process of creating systems for our customers, Oasis Digital has retained the rights to several reusable software modules; these are not off the shelf systems, rather they are building blocks suitable as a basis for customization to meet your specific needs.

Oasis Digital's Reusable Modules >>

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