Training at Oasis Digital

In the process of mastering our tools at Oasis Digital, our developers have created substantial expertise. We can share this expertise with your developers, in the form of workshop-style, hands-on training classes.

We believe this makes our training especially valuable, a strong alternative to lecture or video classes. Students learn hands-on from real practitioners, who use the tools every day "in anger" to create production software for our customers.

Our classes are generally available to private groups, in scheduled public sessions, both in-person and online.

In addition to these well-defined classes listed below, our instructors have various deep expertise in many other related areas. For private classes, we are often able to add on additional days for our instructors to work with your group on such topics.

Advanced RxJS with Angular (2 days)

Get an extensive understanding of RxJS and how to make effective use of it in Angular applications

Angular Boot Camp (3 days)

Angular Boot Camp is offered in AngularJS 1.x and Angular 2+ editions; it launches a developer or team from the beginnings of Angular understanding through a working knowledge of all essential Angular features.

Angular Material in Depth (2 days)

Learn to use Angular Material effectively and efficiently for well-crafted Angular user interfaces.

Git for Enterprise Teams (2 days)

Master introductory and advanced Git scenarios, with special attention to the needs of enterprise teams.

HTML+CSS for SPA developers - in depth (2 days)

Everything you need to know about HTML and CSS to effectively work on complex single-page applications.

Implement your Design System with Stencil (2 days)

Learn how to implement a custom/corporate design system that can be used across Angular, React, Vue, and static/CMS sites. Focus on Stencil, the early-leading tool for this purpose.

Node development in TypeScript (4 days)

In-depth workshop class to gain a broad and substantial understanding of Node development with TypeScript, and the Node ecosystem. Create API servers and back-end data processing systems.

Open Source Dependency Governance (0.5 days)

Learn methods and tools for governing third-/ open source dependencies in enterprise-scale Angular and Node.js applications

Protractor Testing In Depth (2 days)

Learn Protractor in detail, for automated E2E testing of your Angular applications.

Serverless Apps with Firebase and Angular (2 days)

Learn to rapidly build secure, real-time, serverless applications with Firebase and Angular

State Management with NgRx (2 days)

Gain deep understanding of NgRx, the leading Angular library for managing application state reactively

Svelte and Sapper (2 days)


Private group training

We train both individuals and private/organization groups. Our other services, such as code review and development assistance, are available to further enhance customer success beyond the class.

Oasis Digital has a Code of Conduct for training and other events.

Training offered by Expium, our sister company

Jira Boot Camp

Master Jira, don't just manage it, with workshop-based training for professionals who want the most out of Jira.

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Portfolio for Jira

For experienced project managers, product managers, power users and Jira administrators who want to more deeply explore the value that Portfolio for Jira brings to the planning process.

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Succeed with Jira Service Desk

Master Jira Service Desk and avoid pitfalls while deploying at scale.

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