Dedicated to excellence in software development

After launching in 2001 as a small "boutique" development shop, more recently the Oasis Digital team has been growing, while maintaining focus on excellence in software development. The core of our team works together at our office space in St. Louis, MO, while others collaborate remotely from around the US and world.

Why Oasis Digital?

  1. Fast initial and ongoing delivery of working software.
  2. Quality - Read about some of our past and ongoing customer projects. We have long term customer relationships.
  3. Experience - We have developed several enterprise projects from scratch, and adopted others mid-development. We have many person-years of experience developing effective solutions for our customers.
  4. Mobile - Oasis Digital has worked on software projects on various mobile platforms. We currently have projects that are deployed to hundreds and thousands of users, many of which are using a tablet exclusively.
  5. Project management - At Oasis Digital we manage projects in detail. We are agile, responsive, and focussed.

Management and technical leadership team

Michael McNeil

Managing Partner

The management principal of Oasis Digital, Michael McNeil drives priorities, manages across software teams, and shapes product design (including UX/UI). Michael writes extensively and is very active in education and local government. You can learn more on his web site including a short bio.

Kyle Cordes

Founding Partner

The technical principal of Oasis Digital, Kyle Cordes drives our technology and architecture choices. Kyle presents at user groups and other events, internally and externally. You can learn more on his web site including a short bio.

Paul Spears

Technical Lead

Paul leads software development projects for Oasis Digital customers, as well as the curriculum development process for Angular Boot Camp. Paul works to spread state-of-the-art Angular techniques both inside projects and across the development community as a speaker and panelist.

Bill Odom

Technical Lead

Bill has been a software designer, developer, or systems architect for decades. Most recently, Bill has served as a consultant and senior software developer for Fortune 1000 firms in the Midwest. Bill is a relentless advocate for customer centric success criteria.

John Baur

Technical Lead

John leads development projects at Oasis Digital, and keeps a tight focus on regular delivery and team orchestration. He specializes in managing the trade-offs among conflicting short and long-term project needs.

Konrad Garus

Technical Lead

Konrad solves the most complex problems in our software development projects, then leads others to master the skills, tools, and abstractions that increase quality and productivity. He is a technical force behind many projects and products at Oasis Digital and our sister company (where we make Atlassian apps).

Our growing team

Intern groups

Each summer we bring in interns; here is one group of them having a good time.

group photo 2014

Joining Our Team

Interested in joining our team? Visit our careers page.