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MODL Buildr - Rules-based Online Configurator


Various past Oasis Digital projects from before the rise of complex web applications have included a "configurator"; those projects work very well, but are hidden behind corporate firewalls, unavailable to demonstrate or build on.

The Demo Application

To improve on this situation, we have created a demonstration rules-based configurator project which can be featured here, shown freely, and serve as a starting point for future online configurator projects for our customers.

This configurator is itself configurable; for demo and screenshot purposes we have configured it to show hospital beds, using information readily available online.





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Employee Performance Improvement System

This system for managing employee performance enables broad data collection, analytics, and intervention. Our customer offers it to markets where correctness matters, as a SaaS product.

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St. Louis Science Center - Life Science Lab

Oasis Digital provided technologies to the Life Science Lab, a hands-on exhibit that brings real life science experiments to visitors at the St. Louis-based science museum.

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3D Configurator Demo

The demonstration project shows that a configurator can work well as a modern single-page-app, including a dynamic 3D model of the configured product.

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