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Employee Performance Improvement System

The Customer / Business

Like many of our projects, this one is for a customer who prefers to remain anonymous. Our customer is a startup company, founded by experts with deep experience in corporate employee performance improvement.

The project started with in-depth discussions about how the software should be designed to most effectively translate the expert vision into a working system. Our customer supplied drawings, documentation, and extensive explanations of this vision.

Oasis Digital then developed rough mockups, detailed mockups, and multiple iterations of the software.

The Software

To get a flavor of the software's capabilities, we have included a couple of screenshots. More details will be available once our customer publicly launches their product.



The Technology

Our philosophy of innovation is slightly nuanced: we focused innovation on areas where it will generate value, then prefer well proven, off-the-shelf solutions for other parts of the system.

We applied this philosophy here, innovating primarily around an event-sourced "CQRS" architecture to make it possible to implement arbitrary calculations and analysis, retroactively rather than synchronously with data collection. Much of the technology stack is well proven and facilitated rapid development:

The user interface is implemented using Angular, which Oasis Digital has been using extensively for several years. It is styled using Bootstrap, Less, and CSS, and of course written in JavaScript. The user interface uses extensive Angular features; we've strived to use Angular 1.x features to the fullest, while preparing the software for a relatively easy migration to Angular 2 and beyond.

The server side of this application is written with Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, and numerous related libraries. The database system of record is PostgreSQL.

We realized early in the project that the desired dashboard features would be most effectively served by an OLAP system behind the scenes. We used a CQRS idea of a "projection" to perform incremental, asynchronous ETL processing. Read more about our use of OLAP technology behind-the-scenes on our blog.

Technologies: Angular, Java, Spring, Mondrian OLAP

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