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3D Configurator Demo Application


Several Oasis Digital projects from before the rise of complex web applications have included a "configurator"; those projects still work very well, but are deep inside internal corporate applications.

To have a configurator available to demonstrate, built with modern tools, in the summer of 2013 we assigned an intern team to make a 3-D configurator demo application.

The Demo Application

Some of the initial details were inspired by a customer projects, but to keep our demo free of proprietary property, we instead built this technology demonstrator in a wholly fictitious problem domain: designing a backyard swingset.

The user chooses a product, then makes various choices about the product. The choices are immediately visible in the slowly rotating 3D model on screen (implemented using WebGL), and are constrained by rules about which options are compatible with which other options.

swingset demo screen

To learn more and see a video of the software in action, visit our blog post about the configurator.

Technology: JavaScript, Angular, Three.js

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