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Enterprise software development raises major recognized risk factors in business today. While this is a many-faceted problem, implementing good Governance practices will mitigate and manage risk. Join industry leaders in a deep discussion of tooling, processes, dependency management, and development practices that are scalable and effective.

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Special Guest Speakers

Stephen Fluin

Stephen Fluin

Developer Advocate for the Angular Team at Google

Stephen is the Lead Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google. Stephen works to solve real world problems faced by developers and businesses, and to represent the needs of the community within the Angular team. Stephen has served as an executive technologist, consultant, and entrepreneur in several organizations.

Minko Gechev

Minko Gechev

Engineer in the Angular Team at Google

Minko is an Engineer in the Angular team at Google. He loves to experiment with abstract theoretical computer science concepts, and transform them into robust industrial solutions. Minko is working on compilers, tools for static code analysis, and machine learning. Some of his projects are in the book “Switching to Angular”, as well as Guess.js, codelyzer, the official Angular style guide, the Go linter revive, and many others.

Chad Goodgion

Chad Goodgion

Senior Solutions Engineer at Atlassian

Chad is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Atlassian focused on Agile at Scale. Chad has been an Agile practitioner for over 12 years and as a SAFe Program Consultant and Certified Scrum Professional has been involved with leading many Enterprise Agile transformations. Additionally, Chad has experience in product management, strategic selling and service delivery with many of the Fortune 100.

Bill Odom

Bill Odom

Architect and Instructor at Oasis Digital

Bill has been in software as a designer, developer, or systems architect for decades. Most recently, Bill has served as a consultant and senior software developer for a number of Fortune 1000 firms. Bill is a relentless advocate for client-centric success criteria. Bill is also a lead instructor for Angular Boot Camp.

Jeff Skelly

Jeff Skelly

Senior Enterprise Advocate at Atlassian

Jeff is a Senior Enterprise Advocate at Atlassian. Prior to joining Atlassian via their 4/19 acquisition of AgileCraft, Jeff was the initial member of the AgileCraft field sales organization - working with AgileCraft's earliest and largest customers to address their Lean/Agile Portfolio scaling challenges. Jeff's software career has been focused upon the introduction of innovative new technologies and services, and includes executive leadership roles in sales, professional services and operations.

Steve Terelmes

Steve Terelmes

Managing Consultant at Expium

Steve has worked in business environments for 20+ years. He has successfully managed multi-million dollar value projects and software integrations. He has led task forces and lectured to a broad business audience. This corporate experience drives him as a consultant toward practical solutions and best practices.

Event agenda

9:00amWelcomeMichael McNeil
9:10amLessons from the trenchesBill Odom
Scaling Agile to the Enterprise - 5 Insights Every Transformation Leader Needs to KnowSynopsis
This session will share lessons learned from the Jira Align team regarding the critical success factors for scaling Lean/Agile adoption and changing the way large enterprises collaborate to accelerate value delivery. In addition to sharing these key learnings, you'll see a brief demo of key capabilities within the Jira Align platform that support enterprise transformation and governance.
Chad Goodgion
11:45amProvided Lunch and roundtable discussion
How Google Governs Software DevelopmentSynopsis
Google has well refined software development best practices, and the Angular team is working to bring these practices to the world. Hear about the standards and practices used by Google, and the ways that Angular is reflecting and empowering teams to embrace these super powers.
Stephen Fluin
Building Large Scale Applications with BazelSynopsis

Over the last years the web tooling has evolved dramatically. Popular tools, such as Angular CLI and Create React App provide well encapsulated build that “just works!”

Over time, however, we started building larger applications. Often so big that the time between code update and page reload takes tens of seconds instead of milli seconds. This is not only annoying but also reduces our productivity. An organization, which hit this problem early on is Google. To make engineers working on large applications productive, Google developed Bazel - a tool for building applications at scale.

In this talk we’ll see how Bazel allows us to reduce our build time of our large applications in orders of magnitude! We’ll explain how it compiles our code in parallel, or even up in the ☁️. In the last part of the presentation, we’ll see how to use Bazel for our JavaScript at scale.

Minko Gechev
Tooling for GovernanceSynopsis

Expium and Oasis Digital have helped many clients implement critical Governance practices using a practical, open framework that facilitates engagement and participation at the user level. In this talk, Steve will demonstrate our proven approach of building a simple Governance framework. These tools can be used to track policy activities and events along with promoting open content for policies, best practices, and governing structures. This successful framework applies to financial compliance, security compliance, enterprise application governance, and development tooling governance.

Steve Terelmes
3:30pmPanel Discussion
4:00pm — 6:00pmHappy hour and Networking

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