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Google Compute Engine

Even the largest application services can be accommodated with Compute Engine instances; though we generally prefer the more abstract services over this core IaaS layer.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes is now extremely popular for scaled automated infrastructure abstraction - and many consider GKE the most robust hosted Kubernetes platform.

App Engine

GAE was an early leading PaaS - and recent updates have make it suitable for many public-facing and internal services.

Google Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy

Reduce risk of errant authentication code - layer services behind GCP's proven, scalable IAP.


A few clicks create a data warehouse - for a single project or at enterprise scale. Beyond the usual data analytics, BigQuery adds machine learning, geospatial analysis, and more.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Pub/Sub is suitable for 10 events a day or millions - with the same API. Asynchronous application decoupling, with reliability and scaling already solved.

Firebase / Firestore

Firebase is a seamless backend-as-a-service - applications which can be fit into its computation and data model save great costs in operations and development.

Cloud Monitoring

Gather metrics, events, and metadata from GCP, AWS, and other cloud providers.

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