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Angular Testing with Jest

Content length: approx. 6 - 8 hours (customizable)

The value of automated testing is widely known; but executing on it can be difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. Many developers and organizations know there is benefit to be had but haven't fully rolled out automated testing.

In this class, we cover testing with the popular Jest framework. You will experience Jest used to test Node code, front-end Angular code, and possibly other use cases.

By default Jest is used most often with JavaScript; you'll see how to configure it to test TypeScript code as well.

Beyond just the mechanics, will cover techniques and trade-offs to use automated testing effectively and efficiently.

Oasis Digital developers have particular experience using these tools to produce the right tests, at the right time, quickly enough to produce value before other urgencies derail a testing effort. We work with your team in class and if needed afterward, to bring this value to your organization.

(This class is primarily about unit and functional/integration testing with Jest, Node, and Angular code. We also offer other classes featuring other frameworks and other types of testing.)

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Who Should Attend?

  • Decision makers looking to expand the fluent use of unit testing in their teams.
  • Developers getting started with automated testing, or expanding to test increasingly complex systems.

You must be familiar with:

  • JavaScript or TypeScript software development
  • Editor and other tools
  • Angular; but back-end developers are welcome.

Bring your computer---this is a hands-on workshop

Topic outline

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Training FAQs

Q: Is this taught in person?
A: We offer training both in-person and online via remote conferencing.
Q: How does the remote option work?
A: Much like an in-person class, it's conducted by our expert instructors in real time. The instructors answer questions, assist students, etc. We strive to offer as much of the in-person experience as possible, online.
Q: Can the content be customized?
A: For private team classes, we *always discuss your goals, the class contents, any specials areas for extra coverage, etc. in advance. We customize both the contents and length (number of days) to your needs.
Q: Can we schedule a private class any time?
A: Our classes are taught by developers who use the subject technologies in their daily work, so we carefully assign the right developer/trainer to your class, for a good experience and knowledge match. Please contact us to arrange a date.