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State Management with NgRx

Class length: 2 days (customizable)

State management can be a vexing question in Angular development, and Angular itself provides many solutions. For many kinds application state, though, the leading solution is an Angular add on: NgRx.

NgRx combines a state management storage system with a messaging system to enables your Angular components and services to share reactive data across your app.

At Oasis Digital, we’ve used NgRx in great depth across numerous projects since 2015 and have introduced countless students to NgRx in our popular Angular Boot Camp. Our NgRx class more fully explores the power of NgRx to reveal its full benefits. This class includes:

  • Expert explanation and discussion
  • Clear, isolated examples for precise understanding
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Background in RxJS
  • Complex, realistic examples - real scenarios and how to express them optimally with NgRx

Students will learn:

  • When and how to use ngrx/store's actions, reducers, and selectors to manage state
  • When and how to use ngrx/effects to handle side effects, including prompting for user confirmation and processing backend results
  • When and how to use ngrx/router-store to respond to navigation events
  • When and how to use ngrx/entity to simplify managing record collections
  • How to write immutable code to prevent data staleness and corruption

Who Should Attend?

This class is suitable for Angular developers already using NgRx, as well as those considering NgRx among alternatives for state management.

Prerequisites / requirements

  • Several months of experience with Angular
  • Editor and other tools to work on TypeScript source code
  • A computer—this is a hands-on workshop
  • Ability to install software, including Node, NPM, and packages

Proven results

We have trained thousands of developers at hundreds of companies, including numerous global leaders.

Topic outline


Oasis Digital instructors have extensive experience with both Angular and numerous surrounding technologies; here are some of them. The specific instructor(s) assigned to your class will depend on which class or class topics (we customize!) are put together, availability, additional consulting needs, etc.

Training FAQs

Q: Is this taught "in person"?
A: We offer training both in-person and online via remote conferencing.
Q: How does the remote option work?
A: Much like an in-person class, it is conducted by our expert trainers, in real time. The trainers can answer questions, assist with trouble students are having, etc. We strive to offer as much of the in-person experience as possible, online.
Q: Are there open enrollment public classes?
A: We currently only offer an open-enrollment "public" class for our flagship Angular Boot Camp.
Q: How does the recorded class work?
A: In a recorded class, the biggest obstacle is the lack of live question-and-answer To deliver a great result, we practice teaching with live groups before creating the recorded class. In this way, we aim to answer as many of the common (and less common) questions as possible. We also do as much "live coding" as makes sense for the topic, in a recorded class.
Q: Can we schedule a private class any time?
A: Our classes are taught by developers who use the subject technologies in their daily work, so we don't assign "any" available developer/trainer to any particular class, but only to classes with a strong experience and knowledge match. Please contact us to arrange a date.

Training for your team, available now

For corporate groups and other organizations, we offer live, in-person instruction. These teams typically have advanced needs and are looking for hands-on assistance, so for larger groups we send two expert instructors. Each private class is preceded by a technical discussion so that we can understand your needs and customize the content to deliver maximum value.

Classes can be customized, combined, and augmented with consulting to assist your team in implementing the ideas in your environment.

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