HTML and CSS for Single Page Application Developers

Many developers, working effectively with Angular, React, and other competing tools, have learned bits and pieces of HTML and CSS on-the-fly during their work. In this workshop course, students will supplement their ad hoc knowledge with a more complete and intentional understanding of how to use the core Web technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 most effectively.

Prerequisites / Requirements

  • Experience with some HTML and CSS.
  • A computer: this is a hands-on workshop.
  • Editor and other tools to code HTML and CSS.
  • Modern Web browsers, such as current Chrome or Firefox.

Topic Outline

  • Introduction & Background
  • HTML Overview
    • Categorization
    • Global Attributes
    • Sectioning
    • Grouping
    • Hands-on: HTML5 Sectioning & Grouping
    • Lists
    • Hands-on: Lists
    • Multimedia
    • Hands-on: HTML5 Multimedia
    • Character Entities
    • Hands-on: Build a small website
  • CSS Overview
    • History
    • The DOM
    • Basic Selectors
    • SPAN & DIV
    • Hands-on: CSS Selectors
    • Integrating CSS
    • Inheritance
    • Cascading
    • Hands-on: Inheritance & The Cascade
    • Hands-on: Add CSS to the small website

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