HTML+CSS for SPA developers

Many developers, working effectively with Angular, React, and other competing tools, have learned bits and pieces of HTML and CSS on-the-fly during their work. In this workshop course, students will supplement their ad hoc knowledge with a more complete and intentional understanding of how to use the core Web technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 most effectively.

  • Experience with some HTML and CSS.
  • A computer: this is a hands-on workshop.
  • Editor and other tools to code HTML and CSS.
  • Modern Web browsers, such as current Chrome or Firefox.

Topic outline

  • Introduction & Background
    • HTML Overview
      • Categorization
      • Global Attributes
      • Sectioning
      • Grouping
      • Hands-on: HTML5 Sectioning & Grouping
      • Lists
      • Hands-on: Lists
      • Multimedia
      • Hands-on: HTML5 Multimedia
      • Character Entities
      • Hands-on: Build a small website
    • CSS Overview
      • History
      • The DOM
      • Basic Selectors
      • SPAN & DIV
      • Hands-on: CSS Selectors
      • Integrating CSS
      • Inheritance
      • Cascading
      • Hands-on: Inheritance & The Cascade
      • Hands-on: Add CSS to the small website

Proven results

We have trained thousands of developers at hundreds of companies, including numerous global leaders.


Our instructors have extensive Angular development experience, so much so that we use the phrase "developer/instructor". Meet some of them here:

Kyle Cordes

Kyle has worked on web applications since the late 1990s, including line-of-business, low-level infrastructure, and enterprise data streaming systems. Kyle has led numerous projects with a wide variety of development tools and libraries. Kyle created Angular Boot Camp in late 2013.

Bill Odom

Bill has been a software designer, developer, or systems architect for over two decades. Most recently, Bill has served as a consultant and senior software developer for Fortune 1000 firms in the Midwest. He's been building web applications across a variety of platforms, tools, and technologies since the earliest days of the web.

Paul Spears

Paul leads the curriculum development process for Angular Boot Camp. He has an intense interest and passion for effective class structure, examples, and pedagogy. Paul leads software projects at Oasis Digital and works to spread state-of-the-art Angular techniques both in these projects and across the development community as a speaker and panelist.

Two ways to learn

1) Online course

For some of our class topics, we are working on an online course offering. It will have numerous short video segments, teaching each topic in detail, plus longer segments in which we demonstrate the techniques in the use.

This format makes it possible for us to provide enormous depth of content, while as a viewer you can carefully study the portions of interest, and skip those of less interest; or rewatch the live coding example segments to pick up more valuable tips.

This content is still in development - if you're interested please contact us (using the form, or our email address at the bottom of the page).

2) In-person workshop for your organization

Available now

For corporate groups and other organizations, we offer live, in-person instruction. These teams typically have advanced needs and are looking for hands-on assistance, so for larger groups we send two expert instructors. Each private class is preceded by a technical discussion so that we can understand your needs and customize the content to deliver maximum value.

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