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Cypress Testing In Depth

Content length: approx. 8 - 12 hours (customizable)

This class aims to offer a definitive, detailed, deep explanation of how to use Cypress for E2E browser testing of typical large or complex application. We start with the basics and move quickly to cover realistic scenarios and challenges.

In the past many developers and teams found E2E testing difficult, and in some cases blamed their toolset. Cypress emerged with an ergonomic toolset - yet still, E2E testing at scale can be tedious and fragile. Here you'll learn practices to minimize difficulties.

For best compatibility with the current trends in front-end development, we present all examples in TypeScript; of course it is possible to remove the types and code Cypress using JavaScript.

Cypress and the content of this class are applicable regardless of what front end language, library, or framework you choose - React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, or many others.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Decision makers looking to expand use of E2E testing.
  • "Developer in test" getting started with E2E automated testing, or expanding to test increasingly complex systems.
  • Non-developer testers are welcome, but will find Cypress testing requires considerable code-centric work.

You must be familiar with:

  • Software development
  • Angular, or a similar framework (we can offer this as a longer class, for non-Angular developers)
  • Editor and other tools to work on JavaScript source code.

Bring your computer---this is a hands-on workshop

Topic outline

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Your instructors will depend on your custom requests, availability, consulting needs, etc.

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For corporate groups and other organizations, we offer live in-person or online events. Our instructors adapt the agenda to match your needs. We can include consulting assistance, or combine topics into a longer workshop week.

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Training FAQs

Q: Is this taught in person?
A: We offer training both in-person and online via remote conferencing.
Q: How does the remote option work?
A: Much like an in-person class, it's conducted by our expert instructors in real time. The instructors answer questions, assist students, etc. We strive to offer as much of the in-person experience as possible, online.
Q: Can the content be customized?
A: For private team classes, we *always discuss your goals, the class contents, any specials areas for extra coverage, etc. in advance. We customize both the contents and length (number of days) to your needs.
Q: Can we schedule a private class any time?
A: Our classes are taught by developers who use the subject technologies in their daily work, so we carefully assign the right developer/trainer to your class, for a good experience and knowledge match. Please contact us to arrange a date.