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Angular Material in Depth

Class length: 2 days (customizable)

Angular Material and the Material Design system are a great choice for building complex Angular applications for mobile and desktop. But as your team moves from hand-coded components to Angular Material components, you’ve likely found there is extensive learning and context needed to create better-designed applications fast. While the documentation for Angular Material is a great reference on how to use the components, it doesn’t cover how to compose those components into an application.

This class will introduce the concept of design systems and Google's Material Design, then teach how Angular Material can make constructing a polished application easier and faster.

Our students build on their Angular skills and learn to assemble applications with Angular Material. By building this way, using the abstractions, components, and best practices that arrive in Angular Material and its supporting tools, teams can produce well-designed and robust applications quickly.

The class covers:

  • Up-to-date Angular and Angular Material versions
  • Design customization / theming in Angular Material
  • Clear, isolated examples for precise understanding
  • Efficient use of Angular Material in sprawling applications with many interdependent features
  • Screens with numerous interoperating business rules
  • Complex, realistic examples
  • Hands-on workshops

Who Should Attend?

Developers and teams who are building Angular applications and are considering or using Angular Material as their design system and component library.

Prerequisites / requirements

  • Several months of experience with Angular
  • Ability to read and write moderately complex CSS
  • Editor and other tools to work on JavaScript source code
  • A computer---this is a hands-on workshop
  • Ability to install software, including Node, NPM, and packages

Proven results

We have trained thousands of developers at hundreds of companies, including numerous global leaders.

Topic outline


Oasis Digital instructors have extensive experience with both Angular and numerous surrounding technologies; here are some of them. The specific instructor(s) assigned to your class will depend on which class or class topics (we customize!) are put together, availability, additional consulting needs, etc.

Training FAQs

Q: Is this taught "in person"?
A: We offer training both in-person and online via remote conferencing.
Q: How does the remote option work?
A: Much like an in-person class, it is conducted by our expert trainers, in real time. The trainers can answer questions, assist with trouble students are having, etc. We strive to offer as much of the in-person experience as possible, online.
Q: Are there open enrollment public classes?
A: We currently only offer an open-enrollment "public" class for our flagship Angular Boot Camp.
Q: How does the recorded class work?
A: In a recorded class, the biggest obstacle is the lack of live question-and-answer To deliver a great result, we practice teaching with live groups before creating the recorded class. In this way, we aim to answer as many of the common (and less common) questions as possible. We also do as much "live coding" as makes sense for the topic, in a recorded class.
Q: Can we schedule a private class any time?
A: Our classes are taught by developers who use the subject technologies in their daily work, so we don't assign "any" available developer/trainer to any particular class, but only to classes with a strong experience and knowledge match. Please contact us to arrange a date.

Two ways to learn

1) Training for your team,
available now

For corporate groups and other organizations, we offer live in-person instruction. These teams typically have advanced needs, so we provide customized, hands-on assistance.

Before each class, our instructors will listen to your needs in depth and add or change the class agenda. We can also follow-up a class with consulting assistance, or combine multiple classes into a longer workshop week.

Contact us about a private class

2) Live-instructor public classes,
coming soon

Want to attend as an individual or small group? We are creating public, open enrollment versions of many of our classes, including this one.

Unlike canned video training, live instructor online classes offer frequent opportunities for detailed Q&A discussion.

This class isn't quite ready yet, but follow us on social media (bottom of the page) or keep an eye on our website for announcements. We will show the schedule of upcoming open enrollment class dates prominently.