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Angular for Architects

Broad issues, Nx details

Content length: approx. 16 - 18 hours (customizable)

Decisions, Patterns, Costs, and Constraints

Angular for Architects focuses on the big issues that face complex Angular systems:

  • Cost, schedule, and risk tradeoffs
  • System architecture
  • Maintainable code with team turnover
  • Build-versus-buy decisions
  • Dependency management
  • Agile decision-making, and what to decide up front
  • Pragmatic re-factoring
  • State management
  • Monorepo (Nx, etc.) vs multi-repo for a large code base
  • API design for optimal backend interaction
  • Adopt or create a design system
  • Achieve optimal performance---and where it matters

Benefit from our years of experience with Angular systems

You'll study example applications in-depth and have extensive conversations with our experts about architecture.

We cover Nx in depth, and use it in our examples.

Not using Nx?

Most topics in Angular for Architects are about broad architectural context, relevant regardless of specific tool choices. In private group classes, we adjust the topics for your needs.

This event is highly interactive whether you attend online or in-person.

Proven results

We've trained thousands of developers at companies like yours

Who Should Attend?

  • Decision makers responsible for complex projects
  • Tech leads and project managers
  • Experienced application and system architects
  • Teams looking for a shared understanding of architecture and practices
  • Developers interested in becoming architects

You must be familiar with:

  • Angular APIs and tools
  • CI/CD and application deployment

What students are saying

"Exactly what I was looking for - an in-depth explanation of the current best practices for Angular architecture. The instructors understood how our organization has approached Angular architecture in the past, and clearly articulated the differences and benefits to be attained from current best practices." - Mark K.

"An excellent course taught by very knowledgeable instructors, packed full of architectural gems. The course covered a wide domain of architectural bottlenecks but they also set aside time to answer questions and help us work through our individual issues." - Anonymous student

Topic outline

Meet your instructors

Your instructors will depend on your custom requests, availability, consulting needs, etc.

Private group classes

For corporate groups and other organizations, we offer live in-person or online events. Our instructors adapt the agenda to match your needs. We can include consulting assistance, or combine topics into a longer workshop week.

Future dates

We don't have any open enrollment dates for this class right now, but fill in the form for class date announcements, or follow us on social media (bottom of the page).

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Training FAQs

Q: Is this taught in person?
A: We offer training both in-person and online via remote conferencing.
Q: How does the remote option work?
A: Much like an in-person class, it's conducted by our expert instructors in real time. The instructors answer questions, assist students, etc. We strive to offer as much of the in-person experience as possible, online.
Q: Can the content be customized?
A: For private team classes, we *always discuss your goals, the class contents, any specials areas for extra coverage, etc. in advance. We customize both the contents and length (number of days) to your needs.
Q: Can we schedule a private class any time?
A: Our classes are taught by developers who use the subject technologies in their daily work, so we carefully assign the right developer/trainer to your class, for a good experience and knowledge match. Please contact us to arrange a date.