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Whether you are considering Bazel or already using it, Oasis Digital can train build engineers and app developers, assist with migration, and enhance Bazel rules for your use cases. Our experience includes TypeScript/JavaScript full-stack work (including React and Angular), C++, Java, containers, Kubernetes, cloud deployment (GCP and AWS), micro-services, and cross-language integration.

Using a monorepo, cross-project CI/CD, dev-ops, or single-version policy? Oasis Digital can assist with technical, organizational, and governance challenges.

Bazel training

For training, you may want to start with our “Building with Bazel class” , which can be customized as needed. Regardless, please contact us for any to discuss your Bazel needs.

Is Bazel right for your organization?

We can't answer that completely in 45 minutes, but we can offer a good start:

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