Modern web-based enterprise applications

Complex, custom software product development

Rich user experiences, Scalable backend systems

Angular, Node, Java, Cloud, and more

Custom Software Development

Oasis Digital develops custom software in St. Louis, MO for customers anywhere. We create high quality solutions for hard problems, with a relentless push to completion to our customer's business problems.

We focus on three critical aspects of software development on our projects.

  1. Understanding the problem domain and customer vision, not only the technology.
  2. Selecting and mastering the right technology for the solution.
  3. Iterative, ongoing delivery of production-quality software.

Key Technologies

  • Angular for web applications and mobile applications.
  • The web platforms, underlying Angular and other application frameworks.
  • "Heavy lifting" backend data systems, optimized for operations.
  • We work with current technologies but also can bridge from older ones.

Companies we've worked with include...

Why Choose Oasis Digital?

  1. Fast initial delivery, then regular ongoing delivery, of working software.
  2. Quality results - Read about some of our past and ongoing customer projects. We have long term customer relationships.
  3. Experience - We have developed several enterprise projects from scratch, and adopted others mid-development. We have many person-years of experience developing effective solutions for our customers.
  4. Mobile - Oasis Digital has worked on software projects on various mobile platforms. We currently have projects that are deployed to hundreds and thousands of users, many of which are using a tablet exclusively.
  5. Project management - At Oasis Digital we manage projects in detail. We are agile, responsive, and focussed.

Training, Consulting, Services

  • Application Design and Development
  • Training for Angular and other technologies
  • Rescue of projects gone astray - we can create a successful system, even in the wake of a previous failed effort
  • System Integration
  • Performance, robustness, and other critical-issue consulting

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