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COVID-19 pandemic

Oasis Digital remains fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our team members are working partially or entirely from home, continuing to serve customer needs. We have many years of experience collaborative effectively online.

Event and training schedule

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Architect-led training

We started as developers who train, and have grown to value both deep expertise/experience, and attention to effective learning techniques. Our classes have helped numerous teams launch into a new technology, or more deeply master the depths.

Most prominently we offer Angular Boot Camp for teams first starting to use Angular. See our public class schedule below.

We also offer deeper Angular and web platform workshops / training. Our goal with these workshops is to assist teams far beyond the initial learning of core features, across various areas of the ecosystem where we have worked and have experience to share.

Review and advise

Oasis Digital expert developers work with your team regularly to speed your progress and reach the best possible outcome. These engagements can include:

  • Diagnose and fix issues
  • Performance assistance
  • Achieving reusability among and across projects
  • Creating more functionality with less code
  • Code review and feedback
  • Mentoring

... or assist

Oasis Digital can provide experts to assist with the project, beyond just reviewing and advising.

Design and deliver

Oasis Digital creates high quality solutions for hard problems. We can design and implement your application, bringing your vision to reality. Our process, in brief:

  1. Understand your vision.
  2. Select the right technologies.
  3. Craft an effective user experience.
  4. Connect to, or create, a suitably scalable back-end system.
  5. Produce quality, commercial-grade software.
  6. Relentlessly push to completion.
  7. Collaborate and iterate on future versions.

Key technologies

  • Angular for web applications and mobile applications.
  • Web components, to span Angular, React, Vue, and other application-level frameworks.
  • The web platform, underlying Angular and other application frameworks.
  • "Heavy lifting" backend data systems, optimized for operations.
  • We work with current technologies but also can bridge from older ones.

How can we help?

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