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COVID-19 pandemic

Oasis Digital remains fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of our developers are working from home, continuing to serve client needs. We have many years of experience collaborative effectively online.

Your ally in software development

  1. Fast initial and ongoing delivery of working software.
  2. First time quality - working features you can deploy.
  3. Experience - 20+ years of enterprise development.
  4. Collaboration - We take collaboration and mentoring unusually seriously.
  5. Technology - Full stack frameworks and back-end services.
  6. Focus - We are agile, responsive, and focused on results.

Developers training developers

Our architect-led training launches your team into a new technology, or boosts mastery of your current platforms.

The most popular class is Angular Boot Camp for teams using Angular. Starting with core features, your team will become familiar with the Angular ecosystem.

Collaborate and assist

We work with your team to:

  • Diagnose and fix issues quickly
  • Achieve reusability and cut costs
  • Create more functionality with less code
  • Reviews code and designs
  • Mentor and share knowledge

Serving innovative organizations

Our clients have complex needs. We create reliable solutions.

Problem domain experience

  • Agricultural and geospatial data visualization
  • Application integration
  • Auction and financial asset markets, trading and currency
  • Big data
  • Complex, scaled business software systems
  • Digital measurement and visualization
  • Distributed / disconnected applications with synchronization
  • Embedded systems, including Node-based
  • Enterprise A/V video routing and control
  • ETL, OLAP, and BI [(blog posts)][olap]
  • Exhibit / Kiosk software
  • Fleet management
  • Internet of Things, including local radio mesh networks
  • License control
  • Medical device management
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Relationship / retention management
  • Rich web / rich client applications
  • Rules-based configurators and billing systems
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Telemetry
  • Treasury Management

Technical expertise

  • The web platform
    • Angular for web and mobile.
    • React
    • Vue
    • Nest
    • Web components
    • TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • App Engine
    • Functions
    • BigQuery
    • Firebase
    • (many more)
  • Bazel build system for large (monorepo) application suites
  • Node.JS
  • Java, including Spring / Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and other RDBMSs
  • Several NoSQL data stores, including Elastic, Mongo, and FireStore
  • Jira (at our sister company Expium)
  • ... and others


Design and deliver: Our process

Our collaborative software development process

Deploy today, expand tomorrow

Launch your vision with a targeted team of experts for first time quality. We can deliver a ready-to-use design early in development.

Then you steer the project to iterate and expand the implementation and get all your detailed requirements right.

Gain momentum via our learning culture

Instead of slowing down as a project grows, we speed up:

  • Adopt new technologies and practices
  • Deepen understanding of your problem domain
  • Add developers to the project team
  • Keep learning. For example, we teach classes which demonstrate and grow our mastery.

Off the shelf pieces, custom craftsmanship

We use full stack technologies to blend off-the-shelf code with custom craftsmanship. To maximize results, we can reinvent one critical aspect of the needed software.

We live agile

Delivering working software is our highest priority.

  • Transparent communication to keep you updated
  • Test-intensive development
  • We study your requirements in detail
  • We design for flexibility, to minimize the cost of change
  • We apply "you aren't going to need it" to focus on key scope
  • We embrace changes in requirements and ideas
  • Mob and Pair Programming for a shared understanding of problems and solutions
  • We use and shape coding standards

Our agile process draws from Scrum, Extreme Programming, and other sources, along with our own unique elements.

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