Our Work: Client Projects

(The bulk of our work is on complex, enterprise line-of-business systems with dozens or hundreds of screens, database tables, reports, business rules, and so on. In the future we will feature that work more extensively.)

St. Louis Science Center - Life Science Lab

Oasis Digital software powers the Life Science Lab at the St. Louis Science Center.

A/S - Inventory / Work Order / Procedure System

An extensive, end-to-end ERP-like system for a Automation Service in St. Louis, MO.

Networked Video / DVD Creation System

A multi-camera, multi-server digital video system records golfers playing a signature hole to create a keepsake DVD, all without human intervention.

Audio / Video Control Panel

This A/V control panel kiosk simplifies yet improves the live/recording controls in a large auditorium.

Mobile / Wireless Tracking and Dispatch

A mobile / wireless field staff management system

Palm Voter Data Lookup

Carefully pack millions of rows of data in an inexpensive Palm device

Standalone Video / DVD Kiosk System

This standalone system records a golf driving range session and delivers a DVD.

Check Imaging, Storage, Retrieval System

Efficient online/offline storage of millions of images

Research Project Palm and Windows Data Collection

Data collection for a research project

Real Time Data Distribution System

Send data updates, in near-real-time, to thousands of client PCs

Complex Business Rule Implementation

We built a system to express business rules in a user-readable form and execute them efficiently.

Data Access Architecture Consulting

Oasis Digital helped a client assess the best approach and likely cost of multi-database support

Hardware/Software Product Prototype

Oasis Digital built an initial product prototype using accelerometers and custom software.

Oracle Conversion Pilot Project

Gather real-world data to assess the cost and scope of porting a large application

Pocket PC and Palm Data Collection

Implement functionally equivalant data collection on widely different portable operating systems

WebSphere Performance / Scalability Consulting

We made it much faster, and it stopped crashing.

Prototype GUI

Rapid development of a prototype GUI

Reusable Modules

In the process of creating systems for our customers, Oasis Digital has retained the rights to several reusable softare modules; these are not off the shelf systems, rather they are building blocks suitable as a basis for customization to meet your specific needs.

Oasis Digital’s Reusable Modules »

Open Source

Oasis Digital developers have contributed to a variety of open source projects, including Afterstep, GExperts, SynEdit/UniSynEdit, OmniXML, Indy, JCL, Wax, and others.

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