Audio / Video Control Panel

Oasis Digital created a user interface system to act as a control panel for a complex audio/video live/recording system in a large auditorium. Under the hood, a back-end system from Pacific Interactive controls the hardware, presenting a SOAP interface. The user interface software we created wraps this with a customized touch-screen panel to allow users at various levels of proficiency (novice to expert) to operate the underlying system in a smooth, professional manner. The screen-shot shows a small portion of the total capabilities.

Video control screen shot

We built this software to run on an ordinary PC on Windows, but it uses a themed used interface in full-screen mode for a kiosk-style user experience. Behind the scenes, the translation formulas between the on-screen controls and underlying hard are completely configurable and scriptable. Oasis Digital worked with an A/V integrator to deploy and support this installation.

Technologies: SOAP, Delphi, Lua

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