It all starts with your vision

Hiring Oasis Digital

Neaerly all of our work is done on an hourly-billing basis; we occasionally take on the first portion of a well-defined new project with a fixed-cost, shared-risk pricing model.

Most ideally you will have these aspects of your projects already in mind:

  • Features: What do you need your software to do, at a high level?
  • History and Context: What systems are serving your users’ needs now?
  • Integration: What other systems will the new software need to integrate with?
  • Timeline: When do you need to “go live”?
  • Budget: What is the financial situation of the project? Many projects can be scaled down to bare minimum functionality, or expanded to market-leading functionality, depending on the funds available.

… but we can help you with all of that, so feel free to contact us at any stage of your project, even with just an idea.

Please contact us at your convenience, our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

St. Louis, MO, USA

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