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Delphi has a long history as a development tool sold by Borland/Inprise/Codegear, and now Embarcadero. Delphi is no longer among the most popular platforms, but is still well suited for certain projects. The Delphi IDE and compiler are better today than ever before.

Oasis Digital launched in 2001 as a Delphi-centric firm, led by Kyle Cordes, creator of the (now mostly obsolete) BDE Alternatives Guide. Kyle worked for years as a Delphi developer and consultant, before forming Oasis Digital.

Oasis Digitla has grown and embraced numerous other technologies since then, but still has an important line of business supporting and extending mission-critical Delphi applications for our customers. We have a group of developers with deep Delphi experience, spanning from Delphi 1.0 (in 1995) to current Delphi XEn versions. These Delphi developers / Delphi consultants are experts in programming, debugging, and optimization.

We have extensive experience delivering both in-house and commercial Delphi applications. Most of our Delphi work is on mission-critical business software.


  • We can Modernize your legacy Delphi application, preserving the business value in a fresh user-friendy design.
  • We can Migrate your Delphi application to another platform, like Java, C#/.NET, etc.
  • We can add Mobile Access to your Delphi application.
  • We can Web Enable your Delphi application.
  • We can Integrate your Delphi application with other platforms and systems.
  • We can Augment your team, dividing the work so it gets done faster.
  • We can Rescue your Delphi project gone awry.
  • We can Teach your team to use Delphi more effectively.
  • We can Adopt your Delphi project, if your previous developers are not available.

Featured Delphi Project

We created software for the Life Science Lab at the St. Louis Science Center, partly in Delphi:

Watch the Video »

Our Toolbox

In addition to Delphi, most of our developers are familiar with tools from Developer Express, Digital Metaphors (ReportBuilder), TurboPower, RemObjects, and others.

You can download our free tool to convert FlashFiler databases to SQL Server or PostgreSQL, which we have created in the process of our work.

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