Custom Software Development

Oasis Digital develops custom software in St. Louis, MO for customers anywhere. We create high quality solutions for hard problems, to help our customers thrive. We have two main practice areas:

We work with emerging technologies to create mobile applications, rich-client desktop software, and large-scale data systems. Learn More >>

In our Delphi practice, we expand, enhance, and support complex enterprise software written in Delphi. Learn More >>

Why Choose Oasis Digital?

  1. Our customers are very satisfied - read about some of our past and ongoing customer projects.
  2. We will learn about your problem domain. We don't expect you to translate in to software-speak, rather we will bridge the gap.
  3. Fast initial delivery, then regular ongoing delivery, of working software.


  • Application Design and Development
  • Rescue of projects gone astray - we can create a successful system, even in the wake of a previous failed effort
  • System Integration
  • Performance and other critical-issue consulting

Kyle Cordes, the technical principal of Oasis Digital, gives presentations and talks at user groups and other events. You can learn more on his web site including a short bio.

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Featured Projects

Life Science Lab at the St. Louis Science Center:

Learn More, Watch the Video >>

Inventory / Work Order / Procedure System:

Learn More, Watch the Video >>

Golf Experience Video System:

Learn More, Watch the Video >>

St. Louis, MO, USA

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